In Defiance of Fate

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Book Cover: In Defiance of Fate
Part of the The Coincidence Makers series:

As far as Ami’s concerned, her job as a cosmic coincidence maker has gotten her all she’s ever wanted: the man she loves, a house on the beach, and work that hasn’t required her to save the world…recently. But, fate is about to drag Ami and Luke back to San Francisco for a job that will make her question everything she thought she knew about who, and what, she is.

Tasked with a new assignment for a job that neither Luke nor Ami understand, except that it’s important enough to sneak back into the city they called home for more than a century, Ami must ask a stranger to give up her whole life, because “fate” seems to have willed it.

While visiting old friends and familiar haunts, Ami and Luke notice that something strange is brewing in the city. Other coincidence-creating partnerships have banded together to create their own vision of the future. Ami and Luke have always obeyed the cues they’re given from their mysterious overseers, still, the thought of walking away and creating her own fate is incredibly tempting after being controlled for so long…

As if that wasn’t enough, the group that planned a previous bio-terrorism attack re-emerges, this time with plans to create chaos and death all along the San Andreas fault. Now Ami has to make a choice: help stop the attack, even though they haven’t been authorized to step in, and run the risk of setting fate on an uncharted course that could be catastrophic in its own right; or let millions of innocent people die, risking her own life in the process.


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