About Me

A little bit about me…

Meradeth Houston has been writing since she realized the sequel to a book she loved as a kid didn’t exist…and she could tell the story herself. She’s the person who got in trouble for reading her under desk in school or well after her bedtime. Stories are her passion and she can’t live without them. She’s especially attracted to tweaks to the real world–a little magic, a little extra boost to science that already exists, a little something beyond our day to day reality. Her stories integrate these themes and female heroines who know how to get the job done.  

Meradeth lives in Montana where she’s also an anthropology professor and scientist. If you let her, she’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about getting DNA out of dead bodies and old poop. She specializes in degraded DNA (translation: really old DNA that’s decayed), and runs two laboratories filled with students, interns, and maybe a few shenanigans. Her research is funded by NSF and National Geographic, where she’s seeking to better understand the dynamic of past migration on human populations. Her goal is to someday clone herself because that’s probably the only way she’ll ever get through her to-do list. Though, who knows, maybe that’ll mean she’s donating to someone else’s soul? 

Other than teaching, research, and writing, Meradeth enjoys the lakes and ski slopes of Western Montana. It’s not uncommon to find her haunting the cafes of Missoula where she enjoys working with an extra large tea.